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West Hills High School WOLFPACK AQUATICS mosaic mural detail - poolside



     Sevick School Mosaic Sun Panel Project

  Sevick School is a wonderful school for children with a  diverse array of disabilities. 

  I created an idea for the Sevick School front walls in order to bring in a multicultural element reflecting our diverse community as well as a beautification step toward making the school more welcoming.  I painted the walls a lovely blue with help from a few PTA members & the "Principal" (Administrator Ginny Pinkerton).


WOLFPACK AQUATICS:  Glow in the dark under lettering, reflective moon, stone wolf with figures from diving, waterpolo, and swimming represented.

The blue walls already made such a difference!

I had started creating the mosaic sun murals months prior - all created from an idea using the school's logo "The Sevick Suns" - with themed suns from cultures around the world.


  Dianne now owns Warrior Woman


The Asian Sun  : Balance

Each culture has a meaning that the sun brings into their communities.  I added their meanings to each mural on a handmade tile. (photo by Chuck Lapinsky)

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Middle Eastern Sun : Light

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)



   Native American Sun : Growth

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)



Middle American Sun : Create

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)




    North American Sun : Energy

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)


    African Sun : Life

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)



    Donor Panel

(photo by Chuck Lapinsky)


And....a small mural located at the entrance was looking very faded after many years.  I blended it into the new wall color, touched up the mural adding a bit brighter coloring, and added a sun of its own. 

    Detail of Mirror Surround