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Last year I was invited to join 20 other mosaic artists to create a design and make it into a mosaic celebrating MAPEI's "World of MAPEI" campaign.  MAPEI is a worldwide company which specializes in concrete solutions and they are a green company striving for serious solutions in building.  I use many of their products already, but was pleased to participate in this event and receive some of their new, cutting edge materials.

My design is a depiction of a tree with handmade stoneware leaves that are stamped with various business tenets such as Community, Reuse, Recycle, Innovation...etc. The 3 dimensional tree stands tall in front of a 3 dimensional world and has a night sky with shining stars.  The tree splits the globe into "lungs" as a powerful statement that we need green companies to continue to influence industry so our planet can keep "breathing".
Here's a photo or two from MAPEI's booth in the international SURFACES convention and show.  From there, our mosaic work will travel to several places, eventually resting in the Italian Headquarters of MAPEI.  Some of my friends who were also part of the mosaic invitational were able to attend the SURFACES showing.  They are pictured and just above their heads is my MAPEI Tree.


About the Artist:   Amberís artwork is held in several private collections around the world and various galleries and retail shops for sale.  Through art instruction, she strives to support aspiring student artists, public art, and those wanting to simply express themselves through art in a calm and enjoyable environment, focusing on creating mosaics in artistic meditation (TM).

CONTACT Information:  619.405.4635


Master of Science Degree from the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation,

         and Post-Secondary Education at San Diego State University in Rehabilitation


Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies: Education with a specialty in Deafness

Associate Degree in Professional Interpreting

Art Therapy coursework at University of California San Diego  

Philosophy:   Amber embraces art and its healing properties for all abilities and ages and currently focuses on mosaic as a form of artistic meditation (TM all rights reserved, 2011).  The artist lives in San Diego, California where she, her husband, and their two children (small miracles) share their home with a goofy dog and five professional bug-killer kitties.





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